Mandy Rennehan | The Blue Collar CEO
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About Mandy

Mandy is just a humble ‘Bear’ with a story to share.


She has used her dyslexia, depression, being a woman in a totally male-dominated industry, being gay, and dirt poor, as the impetus and fuel to become a multimillionaire entrepreneur, philanthropist, and the Blue-Collar CEO™.


She speaks to audiences around the globe, because our world is hurting, economically and socially – and Mandy wants to help us all understand WHY that is, and what we can DO to fix it.

“Motivational Mandy Bear has a gift like no other, the definition of “authentic “ was realized when she was born and OMG, she is funny!”


 Cheryl Hickey, Entertainment Tonight


Watch Mandy’s latest TedTalk!


Public speaking

Mandy give speeches and keynote addresses to audiences of all shapes and size. Her talks are designed to inspire, entertain and motivate, all with a generous dose of laughter.

Community outreach

Mandy believes in putting in the hours to build strong, flourishing communities now and for the future.


Giving back is a central tenet of Mandy’s life as a business woman, public figure, and human being. She believes we’ve got to help those in need when and where we can.


Good habits aren’t born – they are LEARNED and EARNED. Mandy teaches people, from school kids to seniors, how to overcome the obstacles they face in life and become better, more productive members of society.

“Get ready to be served some of the most refreshingly honest business insights you’ve heard in a long time.”


Holly Ransom, Emergent