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The Relatable Leader

So, your signature says you’re a boss. And yes, there is every-initial-after-your-name.... But, are you a likable leader? Better yet, a relatable leader?

As leaders in any industry , things happen FAST. We are bombarded daily with mammoth expectations and timelines: From finance, to customers, employee retention to emotional support. It’s critical today that Leaders are seen as relatable, especially in the fight for top talent. Expect the unexpected as Mandy Rennehan guides you, through the ‘flushing’ of corporate-constipation at warp speed, using any toilet in sight, and recognize how to reshape and rebuild your credibility and your life, by being more you—meaning, more relatable.

Why Intrapreneurs are the answer to Entrepreneurship

In order for any size company to scale exponentially, its needs creative critical thinking with accountable ownership that only comes from an entrepreneur right? Incubating a work environment that allows audacious, ambitious employees to be part of special projects and strategy with all the bells and whistles, without the stress of liability and the financial stress of the purse strings... Can you hear it? Ching-Ching-Ching...

Unleashing Your Bear Potential

Each individual has their own blueprint which makes them an absolute rarity in the world. Using her own story, Mandy inspires the confidence in people to discover and foster their own blueprints. Through candid, honest, and often funny antidotes, Mandy encourages people to open themselves up to their innate architecture, create their own path, and creatively harness individual strengths to discover their Bear Potential™.

Re-Defining the Collar Blue

North America has a massive skilled trade shortage that affects everyone. We are paying more and waiting longer for services, companies aren’t able to scale, and important infrastructure projects like roads, transit and hospitals are facing major delays. How did we get here? Perception! Societal ideology has brainwashed people to believe that white-collar careers are better than blue-collar ones, when they should command equal respect. Our current reality is university graduates who can’t find jobs and well-paying skilled trade jobs sitting empty. This has got to stop.

Life, Un-Censored...

Mandy candidly shares her journey from a small fishing town to becoming one of North America’s most powerful entrepreneurs. Mandy built a multi-million-dollar empire from the ground up by turning her passion into ingenuity and her personal brand into an award-winning business model. Born and raised in Yarmouth, Nova Scotia, the daughter of a lobster fisherman, Mandy left home at the age of 18 with an old hockey bag, an audacious dream, and her cheeky smile, and the rest is history.

The White, Pink, and Blue Collar Talks...

Global dynamics are changing and people are questioning long-standing trade relationships and the future of work. In this refreshing and unique conversation, the audience will hear from two leading women, Maryscott Greenwood and Mandy Rennehan, offering white, pink and blue-collar perspectives about issues happening in real time and how they affect your organization and your country.

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Mandy has the energy of a power grid. It’s *unbelievable* that one human can flip a stadium upside down crying and laughing… Inspiring beyond comprehension.


Jennifer Gillivan, CEO IWK Hospital


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