Mandy Rennehan | Mandy’s Mission
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Mandy’s Mission

You see – my mandate behind this movement is not highly sophisticated or the cure for a terminal illness, it’s a common respect and courtesy that’s been missing from society since the dawn of time…


The Blue collar services have been the visceral and cerebral transmission behind human function and part of our daily lives since alcohol was considered a vitamin. 😉


What’s unacceptable is that instead of praising the work ethic and intelligence behind these essential industries, they have been stigmatized and downgraded by society as second-class: work, jobs, careers and in many cases, people themselves.


This hierarchical behaviour – that the smart kids go to university or college and the rest go to trade school – has caused a massive skilled trade shortage throughout North America and is crippling our economies. Yet the phrase you hear repeatedly is “We don’t have enough skilled people!?” I hear it EVERYWHERE.


So here’s the thing: this industry is insanely amazing on every level. Financially, technologically and more importantly rewarding from a purpose perspective because the opportunities are so vast in creating the new tomorrow and maintaining what’s already been done.


The sad fact is folks, because of this very real, very unfair PERCEPTION, our sexy trade schools are not even close to full, because why would anybody want to enrol and be perceived as a second class citizen? I’m here to change all that.


I am Mandy Rennehan and I am redefining the collar blue and changing the answer to “What do you want to be when you grow up?”